Applying Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is often used in new construction but can also be installed in existing buildings to improve energy efficiency and reduce utility costs.

Canyon County, ID Planning and Zoning Applications Tracker How to Ensure You Get What You’re Paying for When Buying Land Hi. I’m Julie Freeman, and today I want to share a great tool with you if you’re looking for land or a home in Canyon County or Middleton, Idaho. When you’re looking, and you see no rear neighbors, that phrase is super […]

Custom Home Prices for San Diego County


How Much Does it Cost to Build a Home in San Diego County? Today, I want to share with you home building prices for San Diego County. Do you want to build a new custom home? Click play for more information about home building costs. 

Understanding Homeowners Insurance Coverage Policy Limits


Understanding Insurance Premiums for Homes Hey, Brian Freeman here. Hey, thanks again for joining us here on the Real Property Show today and listening along. I want to talk to you today about homeowners insurance policies and we’ll talk about landlord returns policies as well. I want you to understand a little bit about them […]

Lender Cost Breakdowns for Custom Homes

How to Prepare a Cost Breakdown for a Construction Loan Financing a custom home build requires the use of a construction lender. I’ll be demonstrating the use of a cost breakdown in this episode so make sure you click on the video to get a good visual and understanding. This will help you prepare what […]

Poway Custom Home & Accessory Dwelling Unit

poway-custom-home-and-adu Click here to view the full blog post by Freemans Construction Inc. about Poway Custom Home and Accessory Dwelling Unit.

Plans & Design | Custom Home Building Cost Guide


Plans & Design for a Custom Home Do you want to build a custom home but not know where to start? Today, we are going to talk about the Plans & Design stage of the home building process. I will cover different cost examples, Structural Engineers vs. Draftsman, and different resources to assist you in […]