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Planning and Zoning Maps and Future Land Use for Canyon County, Idaho

How to do Due Diligence to Check for Residential Planning and Zoning

Hi, guys. Today, I want to share a neat tool with you if you’re looking to move to Middleton, Idaho, or the Canyon County area. This tool is something that helps you with your search for land. If you’re watching the video, I will share my screen to review a map of Canyon County, more specifically, Middleton. You’ll see purple lines that indicate those as city impact areas. I want to zone in on Middleton, Idaho, since that’s our stomping grounds.

How to Access the Planning and Zoning Tool for Canyon County

You can find the tool I’m sharing with you on canyonco.org; more specifically, in the layers tab, you’ll need to click ‘Canyon County Future Land Use.’ You can also access the tool HERE. These maps are super helpful in your research. If you’re looking at a property, I highly recommend you pull up this map to see the zoning around the property you’re interested in buying.

Future Land Use Plan Example and the Canyon County 2030 Comp Plan

For example, here is a future land use plan that was already approved in August, which was significant. Again, I will show you the land use plan before and after the approval if you’re watching the video. The 2030 comp plan was approved in August and will be implemented in September of this year, 2022. It is a massive change.

What to Look for to Remain in a More Rural Area in Middleton, Idaho

All of the areas that have no color on them are zoned ag. Middleton is expanding quite a bit. All of the yellow is residential. Suppose you want to stay away from subdivisions. In that case, this is something to consider because out here are some excellent, extensive, open views and beautiful pieces of land, but these have the potential to be developed coming up at the end of this year because of the zoning changes. If you want that more rural feel, you don’t want to lose your views; you’ll need to stick to the outskirts a little farther since they’re moving. So that’s extremely important to check out to ensure you know what’s happening around you. 

You also want to be careful for commercial or industrial. You want to make sure that you’re not buying something that there’s going to be heavy truck usage or farming and just big, noisy things that you wouldn’t want at your peaceful property.

Residential Planning and Zoning Map Key

A layers list and key are included on the planning and zoning map so you can understand what the colors mean. For example, if I zoom in closer, the blue outlines will show each individual parcel, and then all the yellow areas are residential. Then there are conditional rezones and conditional rezones for rural residentials. That’s CRRR. Then you can scroll down and see what each different color means.

Wrapping Up

The planning and zoning map tool is free to use. You click on it, and any changes will be updated on the maps once a new comp plan is approved. But it’s super important to know the area that you’re buying in. If you want more information on how we can help you build, buy or sell your home or land, feel free to contact us. Have an excellent day.

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