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Next Steps to Test the Water Well on Vacant Land in Middleton, Idaho

Getting a Water Source to the Property

Hey, we’re back on the vacant property we’ve been giving you recent updates on in Middleton, Idaho. We’ve been making many phone calls to get everything lined up and scheduled. Our first focus is getting the well working so we have water on the property.

Tearing Down the Well Shed

The first step was to tear down the well shed; it didn’t have a roof anymore, so my son Brad came and tore it down; it only took a few minutes. But it’s out of the way now, and our well guy can do what he needs to. A good stem wall was left; we even have some bolts left, but we’ll add some tightened bolts when we build the new well shed.

Evaluate the Well to Check for Accessible Water

Today, we’re going to take off the cap to look down the well. We’ll drop a tape down there to see if we can get water. Then we’ll have the well company lined up to get a camera to check if the well is in good enough condition to use as a water source. Nobody’s dumping anything down to it to keep us from getting a pump and having an issue. So they’re about three weeks out; they’re on the schedule, so that’s the next plan.

Why Do the Pumps and Electrical Need to be Redone for the Well?

The well was vandalized, they pulled all the pumps out, and the electrical was torn and cut out. So that will have to be redone. There is an existing manifold and irrigation pipes in the ground that was taken off; the well looks excellent because of the pipe size. Before they required the permitting, the well was drilled; we were told it was good, but we don’t know the depth. So that’s what we’ll be checking out once we get the well guys to the property.

Wrapping Up

If you need more information on building, buying, or selling a home or land, feel free to contact us. Have a wonderful rest of your day.

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